Tutors are great – customer review

Mr Anton T.

The centre is nice and tidy. Staff members are very professional and friendly. The workshops are organized in a good manner and all tools are readily available.


Mr Samuel D.

The pratical training centre has all the required tools and eupipment and the tutors are great


Mr Sergiu T.

As always NEAL was amazing I had loads to learn from him all the staff at the centre really helpfull


Mr Andrew L.

Neal’s delivery of training and knowledge was excellent as always and all the staff at the centre are superb.

Although Neal is far more handsome than John and easier to understand, John does have better hair !!


Mr Stewart L.

fantastic teaching yet again from mr neal rainbow.

both tutor and teaching centre excellent standards.


Mr Paul C.

very good teachers, neal is good at explaining things the easiest ways and always answers any questions well and good fun.


Mr Jermaine R.

ive learnt alot thanks to gary i hope i can progress in the future


Mr Gavin T.

I Would like to thank all the staff at Wolverhampton & Gary Bailey (Tutor) for helping me progress onto my NVQ2. Brilliant Tutor!!


Mr David W.

Well organised training facility. Tutors are friendly and laid back with a great sense of humour. This makes learning a lot easier and you’re not afraid to ask questions if you’re unsure of anything.


Mr Gary B.

great week very happy.great advice from the tutor. Thankyou


Mr Steven M.



Mr Aaron C.

enjoyed studing at the centre and the tutor was freindly and was very knowledgable. he james was able to answer all questoins in an understanable way


Mr Anthony A.

liked it here , stapp friendly


Mr Thomas G.

James was really patient and i didn’t feel under pressure at any time during assessments especially when learning something really new to me. Thanks for a great week.


Mr Stephen P.

overall a good week in centre terry showed us any points we struggled on very good


Mr Gary C.

Terry is an exceptional tutor, he is an asset to ERR Featherstone and wish him all the best thanks for an enjoyable 2 weeks


Mrs Jennifer J.

Steve was fantastic, help and support above and beyond. Many thanks


Miss Catherine D.

paul is brilliant very good at learning and teaching us he fully explains everything and makes sure we understand it before moving on overall excellent tutor


Mr Andrew H.

Paul is an excellent tutor, explains thing well in a way that is easy to understand.


Mr Jonathan C.



Mr Bryan B.

Happy days


Mr Austin W.

Great learning experience


Mr Philip S.

tutor and centre excellent


Mr Janos T.

Thanks Bob, you are a great person and tutor.


Mr Kyle A.

test centre staff great help


Mr John T.

Great instructor answers any question’s that I might have. Cant wait for weeks 3 and 4. Have learnt a great deal being here


Mr Darren S.

I have enjoyed every minute since attending the right week.

Neil, has been fantastic and really understanding. He is very to the point, funny and helpful when explaining certain areas that I may lack in.

I felt like I could ask anything and get the response I needed and walk away knowing what to do (most of the time).

I hope that I can have future lessons with, Neil, again.


Mr Kevin D.

Excellent as usual, thank you John


Mr Gary M.

As I said before, John is an excellent and very helpful tutor.


Mr Robin M.

Kohn Knox is the bees knees!


Miss Katie F.

can not fault this centre or the staff here. they are amazing an really supportive. I enjoy coming here. thanks for all the work you guys do for me/us