MIS’ NVQ Student Recommended for the BBC’s DIY SOS

Metropolitan International Schools is very proud to see one of its NVQ students being “recommended” to appear on the BBC’s DIY SOS.

Ronnie Mcgrory, 29, from Wordsley, who studied with Metropolitan International Schools, was “recommended” to appear on the emotional home repair series following a plea for local trades to help on a recent build.

It all came as a bit of stock to Ronnie who said, “we were recommended for the show”.

Ronnie stayed on the build for the full nine days but doesn’t want to spoil where the show was filmed. However, look out for him, you won’t miss him.


Ronnie is sporting the grey sweatshirt, right of centre, with Nick Knowles in the background.

Ronnie started his course in 2013, doing his practical training in ERR Wolverhampton, and completed his NVQ at premises in Stoke on Trent, June 2017.

Ronnie hopes that his quality training will inspire others to become a fully qualified Trades people.