A real perspective of the trade – customer reviews

Mr Suneth W.

I am ver y happy with traning center.help full and traning very good gas is very help full. plasher to work with you guys.thank you

Mr Yaser M.

I was happy with everything for week 2 and I have n/c

Mr Inderjeet S.

Gary has been great

Mr Godfrey D.

am satisfied with the training, gave me a real perspective of the trade

Mrs Sharon H.

enjoyed my time doing the practical assessments

Mr Raphael A.

My training tutor (Mr Vince Doyle) is a very professional man. His training methods are so engaging and purposeful. I’m glad i underwent the training. The knowledge i have gained so far is impressive and this has made me to be more committed to future trainings with the centre.

Mr Connor B.

Overall the first week went brilliantly, everybody involved at the centre were very polite and welcoming. Our tutor vince explained alot of unanswered questions i had reguarding the course material, and this helped me learn alot about gas, in the classroom and in the workshop.

Mr Plamen A.

I’m very happy with the quality of the 1st week of my practical training. Mr Vincent Doyle is an excellent tutor and I consider that the progress that I made during my stay in the training center is significant. Thank you Vince!

Mr Arcadio T.

It was surprised for me how good and helpul the practical sessions were. Everything was well laid and the bays were logically set out and fully eqquiped.

Mr Yousaf S.

Really enjoyed my time with Vince, his knowledge and experience in the gas field is very evident. I learn’t a lot from him in this one week than I have by just reading the books. As a student, is it very important to have a tutor who does not get annoyed when you ask many questions. I have asked many questions to Vince and he has happily answered them for me. As a student this gives me confidence to not hold back any queries I may have for my gas tutor.

Mr James W.

John has a brilliant knowledge of the industry and portrays that very well to the class, enabling me to understand the material and the industry I am in.

Mr Husnain R.

Once again this centre handled itself well. My tutor was excellent and very knowledgeable. He also explained complex problems making them simple to understand using analogies.

He did really well to keep our (the class) attention through his humor and dynamic teaching. Switching his teaching method often. I felt he reached all the learners, Auditory/visual, kinesthetic.

Awesome personality. Definately a keeper. Should consider giving a pay rise!

Mr Najah S.

nice techer good techer thank you john

Mr Nyasha M.V

I have had a brilliant week, John Ryan is a good man. Very helpful.

Mr Mohammed K.

James penlington is a fantastic tutor. Training is very exciting, enjoy being taught by james.

Mr Jacob C.

once again, very good.

Mr Steven M.

All the centre staff were extremely helpful. The tutor was first class, extremely knowledgeable. He was also clear and conscise when explaining things.

Mr David M.

another enjoyable week at the centre, hard work but leaving with a sense of achievement

Mr Khawar H.

good clear information ,helpful tutor ,learnt a lot from one week

Mr Brian H.

excellent week as always

Mr James M.

As always I have enjoy my time in the centre, our tutor mike was great.

Looking forward to week five.

Mr Ali N.

hi, mike has been very helpful towards me and the whole class he has been very fluent in answering questions and very helpful, I don’t have any complaints mike give him 10 out 10 if there was an option would give him more thanks

Mr Gareth C.

thanks mike another enjoyable week

Mr Shaun C.

happy with my progress so far .

Mr Tony C.


Mr Mohammad U.

I did enjoy every aspect of my training every day its a great centre and have a great atmosphere.

thanks for every thinks .

Mr Nathan W.

another enjoyable week

Mr Patrick P.

tutor was very helpful and course materials was all very good standard

Mr Steven I.

tuter very well spoken and cutious

Miss Michelle G.

great teacher learn a lot and am shown not just told really friendly thankyou

Mr Luke P.

very knowledgeable and a great instructor to learn from

Mr Matthew R.

really enjoyed this week. passed all 4 exams and martin helped massively with them. great tutor

Mr Karl L.

great teaching :-)

Mr David M.

I have been in the building game for over 27year. Paul has shown me many things that I didn’t Know, and because of his training and knowledge he has provided, it will save me time and money. Thanks to all the staff for great training.

Mr Mohammed J.

tutors was very nice and friendly me very well I learned lot of skills from my tutor (Paul)

Mr Terrance W.

good start for my first week. enjoyed it

Mr Nikola P.

Very Informative And Educational :-)

Mr Edmond G.


Mr Edmond M.

I was very good. Great teaching I was help to understand more.

Mr Gihan J.

Steven is a good tutor.. Thank you

Mr Greg F.

I like coming to Leeds as Steve is a really go block an a relay good teacher

Mr Leonard O.

As usual Mr Steve impresses with his ability to transfer his knowledge to is student and also very prepared to answer questions.